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Welcome to Startups From Hell

An opensource (WUT?) html5 game made with ImpactJs by Studio Melipone. Version 0.5.26

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Startup from WUT?

We (the guys at Studio Melipone) have spent the last 5 years building web applications (using Ruby on Rails) for startups (and, in some cases, being the startup).
Doing this, we have learned a few things and some situations started to become jokes so when we stumbled upon ImpactJs (which is super great) we decided it was time to make our first game.

A game about the startup universe and generally about what it takes to go from an idea to a working project (and to world domination).

We hope you'll enjoy (and probably hate us) playing as much as we did making it!

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The story

You wake up trembling after another dream about your BIG idea.
But this time the Startup Fairy told you that you WILL succeed if you manage to get your project up and running within 3 months.

Time to get to work. And be prepared... it's gonna be hard!

What's the game like?

StartupsFromHell is like a retro 16bits action platformer with a few puzzles and a pretty unique take on something more than important in real life: TIME.

Having some difficulties picturing it? Well you will run, jump, blast Zombie Bank Account Managers and all this while the global project clock is ticking.
The good news is: you won't have to find medikits as you can't lose life!
The bad news is: EVERYTHING makes you lose time (like doing nothing for example) and if you run out of time then you're game over... FUN, isn't it?!

How to play?

This demo is the tutorial level and then financing level only (but you can send us pics of your high scores ^^), more precisely it's the "venture capital funding" level.
Your goal here is to find at least 100,000$ to start your project, but pay attention, not all VCs are nice so you should probably think twice about their offers!


Move with LEFT and RIGHT.
Jump with SPACE and crouch with DOWN.
To blast enemies shoot with X.
CTRL is the global interaction key (make a choice in the menus, start talking or quit talking).
UP and DOWN will also help you choose menu options or navigate text pages.
And if you need a break P will pause the game!